​Daily Infant Massage is a great way to bond with your baby and other new parents. Join a class today and experience the benefits. Clients please bring your infant, a soft pillow/yoga mat, a baby doll and a receiving blanket,diaper bag, bottle if not breast feeding, payment, plus a note book and pen.

Next class May 9th. Time: 3:00-4:00

$45.00 - per person

Private classes available email for information!

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​​​REIKI MASTER- May  7th 
Existing Reiki practitioners can take this class to strengthen their healing abilities as teachers. Reiki Master means, “mastering ourselves.” After taking this class you will be able to teach others. When you teach, you will experience a strong sense of spiritual connection that will develop between you and your students. Becoming a Reiki Master adds to the vibration of the entire planet. In this class we will review Levels I & II. There will be instruction in the attunement techniques. You will receive your master attunement. You will learn and practice how to attune yourself and others. Before taking this class it would be a good time to do a 21-day physical cleansing. Please bring a set of sheets to this class. Requirement Reiki II

$180 - 8 CEU's

REIKI I -  May3 Class
Students will learn the history and background of Reiki as well as the Chakra System. Students will also receive the Reiki I attunement, which will allow you to channel the Reiki energy. Participants will also receive instructions and practice in providing a full treatment. Students will learn self-healing techniques and spiritual growth as well as the ethics of Reiki. In this hands-on class, you will learn the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki) and have the option to continue on and learn advanced energy medicine techniques that include Reiki II and III.  Students should bring a set of sheets to this class.

$135 - 8 CEU's

Sports Massage available 16 Ceu's! $360

Chair Massage 8 ceu's $165

REIKI II - May 4th Class
Students will receive more advanced instruction and awareness in energy healing. Level I will be reviewed. Students will receive the Reiki II attunement. Students will learn to extend Reiki energy in distance healing. Level II enhances your healing ability and your intuition. Students will be introduced to the symbols and how to use them. Students should bring a set of sheets to this class.

Requirement Reiki I

$155 - 8 CEU's